Request the PIN of an Individual's NetID

All MSU faculty and staff are auto-assigned an MSU NetID and PIN once their paperwork has been completed by MSU Human Resources.

Other MSU Affiliated persons will receive a NetID and 4-digit PIN based on confirmation of MSU affiliation and/or sponsorship by an MSU department.

In either case, the 4-digit PIN is needed for activating a NetID for the first-time or for resetting a forgotten NetID password. Fill out the form below to acquire your 4-digit PIN.

  • Please Note: If you are a student, please use the Look up my student PAN form instead.
Please enter one of the following:
I would like to receive the PIN information via
    • Photo ID required for pickup.
    • Available within 2-3 business days of submission. Please call the ID Office at 517-355-4500 to inquire as to the status of your PIN Request.
    • If not picked up within 10 business days, the PIN letter will be mailed if an address is also provided below.
    • If there is an individual who is authorized to pick up your PIN letter (in addition to yourself), list his/her name below.

NEW Faculty and Appointed Visiting Scholars
Important! Read before submitting your request.

NEW Faculty and Appointed Visiting Scholars should contact the ID Office at (517)355-4500 to determine if your paperwork has been fully processed through your department and Academic Human Resources.

Note that if you were previously a student at MSU you will retain the same NetID that you were assigned as a student, however your privileges will be updated.